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Inner Spaces


Dream World

These Eyes

Rebekka makes an appearance on KARE 11 in August 2006
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Hear Rebekka's monthly radio program from

August 2003


A Taste of Minnesota 2003

Here's some video from the 3/21/03 performance at Bunker's in Minneapolis.

Tender Words

Be With You


What's Going On

Sample a some of NEW tunes!

Doot Doot (remixed by Deevo)


Those Eyes

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Different Girl
Live performance caught on video

Requires RealPlayer

Inner Spaces

Inner Spaces - 2001
Rebekka Fisher Live
Live - 1999
Houscleaner - The Video
Housecleaner (the video)
Observare - 1998
Dream World
Dream World - 1995

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