Rebekka Fisher - Discography

Dream World - 1995

(CD & Tape) All music and lyrics written by Rebekka Fisher (except for “Boy”). The music was first sequenced in my home studio, then brought to Lighthouse Records and produced with Tim Snow

Dream World

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Click on any song title to sample music Running The Old Man Time Worth Living Locked Out Of Reality Boy Dream World Danger Too Busy Be With You

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"Be With You" A fun song about finding love in the bar circuit "Too Busy" Ever know someone who's constantly complaining about nothing? This song is about being obsessed with tedious things that take away from just living your life.

"Danger" I had funky groove that needed lyrics, and it sounded scary, so I took my pad of paper and pencil and walked down Hennepin Ave downtown Mpls around 2AM. Came up with some scary lyrics, and even lived to tell about it.

"Dream World" written about a woman who lived on the edge of reality and fantasy. I was fascinated with this way of looking at things, after all, it's only reality if you think it is real.

"Boy" The lyrics are a collaboration between myself and George Faber. This funky pop song deals with the feelings of love beyond anything I've ever felt.

"Locked Out of Reality" another true story about getting locked out of my apartment. Standing outside in the dead of winter with no shoes, for 8 hours, I walked to a local church to get free shoes and a sweater until I could get back into my home. I had a little glimpse of what it might be like to be homeless.

"Time Worth Living" I wrote this song when I was playing the piano on a cruise ship. I encountered many individuals from all over the world. I noticed how many people had one thing in common: appreciating the moment

"The Old Man" written about my grandfather, who knew me as #3 on Ed's side. After he died, I wondered why he had no interest in his family, and I never got a chance to show him what I was really like

"Running" instrumental piano music. As the left hand ostinato is setting the tempo, the right hand is busy with melody and other ad libs, just like my everyday life, running around, many things going on at once

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