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I really enjoyed both meeting you and listening to your performance at Afton Alps yesterday. I regret that I was not able to stay through the final set, but I was very impressed with what I heard. I listened to several of the songs from your latest CD, These Eyes, on the way home, and especially liked "Send You Love". I look forward to listening to and enjoying the songs from this and your other albums.

I wish you all the best and hope to have the opportunity to see you again.

Kind regards,

I got myself to a tv this morning to catch   Rebekka  on channel 11. Thanks for the heads up on that. She was fabulous.  She handled herself so well in the interview, and the song was a killer - she hit a home run with that one. If talent equalled success then she'd have her own private jet by now.  I really enjoyed it.  Talk to you later.


Dear Rebekka Fisher!
Thank You so much for perfectly brilliant These Eyes!!! You really can't
imagine what is honor and proud for us, for our radio station, discover
Your creation, touch Your perfectly splendid work of such highest
culture and mastery!!! I think we are unique here! It is really
exclusive, invaluable opportunity for us and for our contemporary music
audience! Thank, Dear Rebekka, You for joy and holiday of dealings with
Your music!
Much friendly love from Siberia
Serge Tikhanoff
Radio Penguin

Subject: your cd


Jerry Vandiver here.  Rick Skoog gave me a copy of your new cd and I
just wanted to say how much I enjoyed it.  Great grooves, songs,
production - the whole works.  I am a fan.

I especially appreciated the heart you put into the sparseness of "Send
You Love".  Very, very nice.

I hope the cd does great for you!

Hope to cross paths with you soon,

Subject: Great Show at Champps on Friday 8/5!

Hello, my daughter was playing the maraca that you handed out last night and I saw your website and thought I would write to thank you; I really enjoyed your show last night. You and your band were excellent and your song selection, including your original music, was perfect. Good luck to you and hope to see you at Champps in the future!

Subject: on the NEWS!!!

REBEKKA ITS TIA!! lol your song "those eyes" was on KARE 11 news like 3 seconds ago! lol that was so cool! lol i was really excited.... : p

Always & Forever,

*~* Tia *~*

Subject: WOO HOO!!!!

Hey Rebekka,

Don't know if you remember me, but I just wanted to say I just heard them play 
"Those "Eyes" on KARE11 news.  COOL!!!

Congrats Girl!!!!!
That's awesome.

Hi Rebekka Fisher I just wanted to let you know I loved your music just wanted to remark on what a talented singer you are and to keep up with the excellent work. I realize you are very busy and have a limited amount of time but i was hoping you could send me a personally signed autograph i would appreciate it greatly Thanks Best of luck to you and God bless, I wish you much more success in the future


Subject: Hi

Hey i seen your show at Side Winders and your pretty damn hot!!! =)

Thank you for an exceptional performance last night! I'll never be able to describe in words the joy I experience when "it's right". And believe me, your appearing at George's is right. I am honored, thrilled and looking forward to the day of your return.

The numbers don't alway reflect the positive experience, but the love that's it your heart radiates through your style. Everyone had a great time - even the bartenders. Once the music starts, the night flies by! That's a sign of a positive experience.


At the risk of sounding too "gushy"...I was very impressed with your performance at Main Street last nite. I had never heard you on a big sound system / big stage before and I would have to say you put on an entertaining show. Your vocal on "At Last" had me thinking....Holy shit, she can sing that hard, hard jazz style of singing!! . Nice positive energy to the show and great backing band.


Subject: "You're The Best"

I'm Sure Your Very Busy So I'll be Quick. Your Music Is Totally Fabulous!! I Know You Have Many Fans, But I Promise You Can Add Me To The Top Of The List. I'm Just 35 And Recovering From Open Heart Surgery. (Much TO YOUNG For This) But With The Off Time I'm Finally Able To Write. I Had My Surgery At Emory University In Atlanta. They Took Great Care Of Me. Some Really Good People There.I Would Be Very Much Honored If I Could Get A Photo Autographed To Me: MICHAEL This Will Mean So Much To Me And Be Appreciated Very Much. It Will Be Displayed Proudly. Thanks For Being Such A Wonderful Person And Continued Great Success!

Your Fan And Friend,

Dear Rebekka-

Professional note:

Thank you for creating an event to support a worthy cause (your efforts
reflect heart-felt compassion, it's the signature of a true artist who
choses to use their God-given talent for good purpose).

I wish more people had been in attendance during your performance... it
was incredible... while on stage you display such great majesty, it's
hard not to be captivated and held in awe.

I'll keep you informed with regard to my progress in integrating network
with music club... you are high on my list for artists to help and

Kind regards,


Hi Rebekka,

I just wanted to let you know I loved your music Saturday night @ DaBoars in Cologne! I was the gentleman(not bragging!!) that helped you set up a couple speakers. I'm wondering if you're going to be back out there in the near future? If not I will try to catch up with your band in St. Paul sometime. Hope you had a great Easter!


Hi Rebekka;I wanted to thank you for lettin' Jennifer and me do a couple on sun nite.You and your guys are some of the nicest people that we've met in a long,long, time.You and the band sound great,and am looking forward to coming rounnd to see some of your other shows soon

Thanks Again

I had the pleasure of listening to your interview on FM 107. My first thoughts while listening to the interview was that I was impressed with the Women Reign Tour. This is such a great idea, I'm just surprised that I had not heard of it prior to the FM 107 interview. Personality along with great talent go a long way. You have been blessed with both.

Wishing you continued success.


Hello. I met you at the Fridley crab shack. I bought a couple of your disc,s. and from that you said that you were going to send me one of your older ones. Well,not only did you send the disc, but you added a t-shirt. Let me tell you I was so touched by that, I wish I could thank you in truly are a classy gal, and I wish you the best for 2004. I am pictured with my wife on your website listed under Fridley crab shack (loving couple) Just one more thing is I would like my picture taken with you together. and I,all hang that up with the picture you signed for me. you take care and hope to see ya soon. thank you mark.

Hello, my name is Tony, I met you Sundaynight. I was the one that gave you a tip. (the boys from Milwaukee) I just wanted to drop a line to let you know that you are a great singer and performer. Do you ever come to Wisconsin to perform? I would let to see you perform again.
I'm sure you are very busy, so I will let you go. Have a great day. Hope to hear from you soon.

Your newest fan,

Thank you for playing at Durkins Friday night. I have heard nothing put good things about the show and look forward to booking more dates in the future.

Happy Holidays
Tony Durkin

Thank you for the good entertainment. I enjoyed the evening. It made for a nice atmosphere on catching up with my old friend. You were great at RJ's in ximmerman.

Thank you again,

Hey Rebekka,

The pictures were pretty cool. Thanks for taking them and publishing
them on your website. I'll have to get a hard copy made of the one of
you and I and have you autograph it for me : )

I was checking out your website a bit more and came to the conclusion
that you are quite the interesting person. Besides being of the
independent, deep thinking and self-initiating type, you also seem to
have a philosophically thoughtful view of life. I must say I was

Have a good day!


Hi Rebekka,

I just wanted to tell you that we thought you guys were great! Karl's party was the first time we got to listen to your band - thank you for taking the pictures. It was fun to see everyone.

We look forward to coming to listen to your band again sometime soon.

Julie, Mary, Jane, Delores & Ron

From: JAY

hello ms fisher. you are getting this cause i was in attendance last saturday at the boathouse in waconia while you were playing there.. this may sound weird
but you had me entranced by your music and your ability to just sing and all the other stuff that comes along with that.. i have heard other bands that go there but none and i promise that none have ever gotten my attention like you did.. you guys were nothing short of awesome!! i cannot wait to se you perform again,.. i am new here from texas and sat night was the best time i have had since i have been up here, so thank you for that..

Hello Rebekka. I have just seen you for the first time and I think you are FANTASTIC!!! It was on local cable at a park in June in Woodbury. I then checked out your website, and I am glad I did. Count me as a fan!!! I only wish I had come to the site earlier for I foun out you were at Doc's Landing here in White Bear Lake this PAST Friday night. Well isn't THAT just about my luck! LOL At any rate, I will be checking your scheadule from now on and hope to see you perform and possibly even have the pleasure of meeting you in the very near future! You have a true talent, and I look forward to seeing you. Thank you for your time. Terry, White Bear Lake

Hi Rebekka,
Just wanted to drop a note to tell you that I got my copy of
"Observare". I've listened to it 4 times now and I thoroughly enjoy it
(Brenda In The Burbs is my favorite). I'm anxious to hear the next one.

Have a great day,
Mike (Doc's Landing)

Hiya there Rebekka,

I had seen you and your band perform back in March at Cadilac Jack's and thought it was a great show. I was flipping through your photo gallery and lo-and-behold, there I was in one of the photos. Thank you for sharing some moments from that night with everyone. Any plans to return to Cadilac Jack's in the future? Let me know if you do. I will definitely go that night.

Thanks much,


Just found you and listened to your music,and very much enjoyed!!!When ya coming to AZ?

Dear Ms. Fisher,

I just happened to stop at RJ's with my son for a hamburger tonight
while you were playing. I wish we could have stayed longer, you were
excellent! I have not heard anybody go from Patsy Kline to DeeLite to
Aretha before, and you handled them all beautifully. You are a
wonderful performer with a such a diverse collection of music.

I noticed your website, found your schedule, and will definitely be
attending another one of your performances...

Your new fan,

I really enjoyed listening to the Rebekka Fisher & band at Toohey's Saturday night.Kudos to all of you. It was great music and a fine way to spend an evening.Rebekka: I can't believe you have not become as famous as Shania Twain. Your musical talent is fantastic.

I am trying to become a really good comic. My goal is to appear on Saturday Night Live someday. If I make it I will insist that the Rebekka Fisher Band performs.

Do you do any Elvis songs? I am also trying to be a very good Elvis impersonator. Any suggestions on how to sing like the King?

I look forward to seeing you perform in the future.
Best of luck to you.

Rebekka Fisher Band Fan

Hi Rebekka, I saw you perform at the CR Legion on July 5th, you and your band did a fabulous job! You also have a great web site going. A friend of mine called me today laughing and he told me that he saw my wife and I on your site. My first thought was 'great, another unappealing shot of myself on the web', but this wasn't the case. The caption underneath was "Ron from City Knights Band". Actually my name is Bob and my friend that called me with the news is Ron, he is our harp player. When I met you, I gave you Rons card which I carry around for booking gigs. Anyway, the picture looks great! You obviously caught me before the shots of tequila. You're a great vocalist and entertainer, hope to see you again soon. If you get a chance come out and see us also...


Hi Rebekka,I was wondering when you will be back in Waseca?These flowers are for you cause your a great singerand hope they brighten up your day..Tom


I feel that you have a very charismatic on stage personna...

I see a strong women's music inflence in your music - gay or straight -
and I feel that you have the talent to succeed...

you seem like a very confident women and very aware of your skills. I
only hope you have the right person leading you, because you truly are one in a million.


Hi Rebekka, I was the one in the back and my friend and we were helping
you with Mustang Sally.

Anyway, just wanted to say that I have a lot of respect for what you
were doing and how well you handled that rough crowd at Tin Alley Grill.
Tip of the cap to you. Keep up the good work and if you are ever in my
neighborhood I would be honored to come and see you again, maybe next
time I will jump up there and sing with you.

Have a great weekend and hope to hear back from you.


(From a listener of the monthly broadcast radio show by Rebekka Fisher

"I just listened to your (radio) show and I thought Rebekka Fisher
sounded very good. You should make her a regular."

Rebekka, Loved your music the other night at the Main Event in Fridley
off from University Ave. What is your latest CD and can I buy one? Let
me know what info you need so I can one. You go Girl... Thanks


Dear rebekka

Just a short e-mail to say that i am a great admirer of your work.
It is with much interest that I would like to know your favourite leisure interests?
Would you please consider sending me an autographed photograph, it would be much appreciated.


I was bored one day and I typed in my name in the search box. Surprislingly you have the same name as me. I listened to your music and fell in love with it.


Hi Rebekka,

I saw you the last time you were at the Poodle, I was the guy that wanted to hear Carol King. I just wanted to let you know that I had a wonderful time. Not only are you a beautiful woman, you are very talented. I hope to see you again. Is there any local music stores that carry your cd's?
Reach for the stars,


rebekka, you guys sounded great! thank you for a fun eve and for letting me try the key-gar! hope your recovering from your cold--eat some soup! a hot brandy does'nt hurt one bit either! stay cool,stay warm,stay happy. neighbor dave.

Dear Rebekka,

My wife and I met you recently at a wedding in the J.J. Hill Library. We
bought a few of your CDs. Wow, what a talent! Your parents must be
extremely proud of you. We know what it's like to be proud parents. Our
son, Adam, played trumpet for the Butanes shortly after high school
(1991-1992). He was voted #1 in the Minnesota in his high school year for
jazz trumpet. Winton Marsalis was among his favorites and really carved his
style for him. So did Maynard Ferguson, and others. Yes, we were very
proud of Adam.

I have to tell you, Observare is an outstanding piece of work. There isn't
one song on the album that I didn't like. In fact, I agree with the music
critics in their assessment of you. Again, WOW!

I chuckled when I discovered who your dad is. Immediately, I listened to
Observare again. I hope it is ok to tell you that I found a bit of his
sarcastic humor in your lyrics. Perhaps I was searching. Not being a true
musician it is hard to express my meaning.

Anyway, I just wanted to jot off a quick note to tell you how much we
enjoyed meeting you and listening to you sing that night, to thank you again
for the CDs, and to encourage you in your career. You are an amazing
talent, and we wish you well in your journey through life.

Be well,

Subject: Great show at the Snout!!!

Hey, my friend and I enjoyed the show at the Snout last weekend.....You have an interesting group of musicians in your band......Interesting crowd you had going there, too........

Great mix of originals and crowd-pleasing covers.........and you looked great, of course.......I was glad I was able to get to Chippewa to see you.........


Hi There!

Thanks for the entertainment. I was pleasantly surprised at your talent.

I am the one that sat by myself. (steve)

I would really like to hear you again.


Hi Rebekka,

Met you at Narrows where I purchase all three of your CD's and again at the Red Rooster New years,

Just wanted to say Hi and i like your music.

Last Friday night some friends of mine and I were having a happy hour Antler party at Jacob's 101 that carried over later and we lucked into hearing you. You absolutely made the night a blast.

Normally we have a big Antler Party of 200-300 people around this time of year where we rent out a bar. Because I threw a party the week before we decided not to throw the big Antler Party this year but at the last moment we sent out an e-mail to some friends saying to stop by Jacob's for a happy hour drink. Most of the people there that night were part of our party. Being able to dance to your music kept the crowd around much later than we expected. You are quite the performer!!! I'll be getting some friends together in the new year to catch your show.


Hey Rebekka,

I don't know if you will remember me, I took a few piano lessons from you at Mars. I moved East to Princeton , New Jersey a year ago and it sure makes you appreciate Minnesotan and midwestern styles. I have enjoyed being just an hour from Manhattan though.

I hope all is well with you and that your music career is rockin'. I enjoy your writing very much.


As usual your show was great. I won`t be waiting for you to come back to
The Snout I am going to come your way to see you. Hopefully the last
weekend in October or Early November. Thanks for the GREAT
entertainment. Take Care!!!


This drawing came from my youngest fan, 9 year old Sidney

"I love that song!"

......Belinda Jensen,
{after the performance of "What's Going On" at KARE 11}

A vocalist from DC responding to the lyrics to Get a Different girl" - feeling fustrated with the music business

Subject: Re: Get A Different Girl

Yeah Dan,

I am really "feelin" the sistah. She knows what time it is. I just
wish the rest of the ladies would wake up -- we'd all be a lot better off.
Thanks for sending this. I really like it. She's cool with me.


Ms. Fisher,
My wife and I caught your performance at the Crab House in Stillwater Friday night. We were impressed. There are a lot of people with talent in the world.
You're clearly one of them. What really impressed us (and separates you from them) was how you played thatroom of ten like it was a concert hall of thousands. You worked really hard.

Well done. Pat and Tif

Dear Rebekka,

It's me again, the pest from DC. Thought I'd write again to say hello and offer up a bit of a "confession". When I said in my last missive that I had two of your early albums, I meant that I had two cassettes which you might have intended as promos for radio play or gigging. Well, to rectify the situation, I ordered Dream World and Observare from CDbaby via your website. I must say I'm quite impressed.

Regarding Dream World: Normally I do not like sequenced music. They often seem cold, mechanical, and stiff to me. But you do a very admirable job on this album. It does feel "stiff" but the songs display warmth and it does greatly help to also have other live instruments like sax and guitar to round it out and make the music breathe. The songs are quite good -- I like this album and play it often -- and I would love to hear these songs in a live setting with a real live band.

And a "real live band" is what I get with Observare and it is a gem. I think your vocals, lyrics, and songwriting craft are much more interesting, have more depth and variety, and show more growth and maturity than does Dream World. That's a compliment, you dig? I think a live band helps you to expand your talents more. I like the way you use your voice on several songs, including Shades of Green, that sort of "spoken-sung" sort of thing. I read somewhere on your site (maybe a link to a review) that Observare was the first time you got reviewed negatively. I don't know what said reviewers wrote but I suspect they have their heads up their you-know-what. Observare is a wonderful album from one who is TDWR (Talent Deserving Wider Recognition). Just don't forget all us "little people" when you make it to stardom on MTV! By the way, did you ever find Brenda in the burbs?

You mentioned having a brand new album out? Is that listed

on your website? Let me know how to order and I will do so. It's some sort of techno-oriented album, right?

Take care and carry on,

Your East Coast Fan,


Hello Rebekka

I was relaxing at home, shuffling through some channels, and came across your video on channel 17 on some crazy public TV show. I wanted to let you know I really enjoyed your music, and plan to listen to more as soon as I can.

Thanks for your time!


Hi Rebekka!

I really enjoyed the show and thanks for posting the photo of me and Chris!

Pete Kavanaugh

You have a beautiful voice, and your keyboard was smoking! We had a great time. I'll keep an eye out for future shows.

You're personality and stage presence are a blast to watch. It's very refreshing (and rare) to see as talented an artist as yourself who doesn't have the prima donna attitude. Keep up the good work. Honestly, maracas, $1,000 necklaces, camcorders, and a Britney Spears headset? Refridgerator magnets? I'm still laughing (the entertainment value has lasted all the way to Monday).

I'll have a hard time wrestling your CD away from Troy, but I'll do my best.

Thanks again,


From: Misty
Subject: The Snout

Your show at The Snout on Saturday was excellent! I hope you come back
our way very soon.


"I do have one of your early albums and I do still play and enjoy it. I've checked your wonderful website. I always respected your immense talents and see that you've grown a lot since the early '90s. .....

I see that you're doing a new CD combining techno and Carole King, eh? Wow. Now THAT could be interesting!......

Making a living doing what you most love is a rare gift, and you have been and are soooo gifted. Best wishes for continued success! If you ever find yourself able and willing to leave the Midwest for a tour in this direction, please let me know. I'll even be your percussionist if you need one and you won't have to pay me a cent!

Peace, Health, & Clarity,"


Subject: question

Have you heard that Elvis Costello is a big fan of yours?



Hi Rebekka,
My name is Kevin, I was at your show Saturday Feb. 23rd at The Snout saloon in Chippewa falls, Wi. I am from Dekalb Illinois. Being a visitor there for the weekend, and just happening into the Snout was my good fortune. I thought your band was terrific. You are so very talented, as I mentioned to you as your set was ending and I was walking out the door. (You may remember yelling at me to grab a magnet?) I was actually moved by your presence and wonderful voice.

Being a big fan of the local Chicago music scene, enjoying rock, blues, and jazz since I was a young boy, I have grown to appreciate a good sound. If I may give you such a compliment, I thought your sound was among the finest I have heard in a long while! The band was running on all cylinders, and I marveled at your versatility, able to belt out great lyrics and jam the organ as well as you did, never missing a beat. The way you presented and fronted the band, they must be very proud to work with a talent as wonderful as you.

Thank you for entertaining me so well in Wisconsin. I hope I have the opportunity to enjoy your music again in the near future! Continued success to Rebekka Fisher!


Dear Rebekka,
Thanks so much to playing at my birthday party at Neisen's in Savage
last night. You and your band are great. So much sound, good vibes, and
playful tunes from your little troop was a breath of fresh air in a sea
of musical mediocrity. Your interaction with the audience was superb,
infectious, and much and appreciated. My voice is shot today from all
the singing and carrying-on. You bring out the playful spirit in me, my
friends, and the audience.

Your CD "Observare" is among the best - I love it. You can be sure I
will let all my friends know about your band and how good your music really
is. If I was ever going to be a "Groupie" it would be chasing you and your
band. I know you will go far.

Thanks again,
Bob, The Birthday Boy

Hi Rebekka,

Although one of your staff will probably read this, I wanted to thank you for doing what you do.

I live in the Twin Cities and have not had the opportunity to see you perform. I did however catch a couple of your videos while channel surfing - Viv & Jerry's cable show had it on.

The song about being a survivor was inspiring. I've been through what have been the worst three years of my life, but that song helped me stick out one more day. I hope that one day one of my own songs will inspire someone to keep on keeping on.


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