Rebekka Fisher - Discography

LIVE - 1999

The Live recording is taken from 2 different shows in Mpls. The energy is a lot higher on this CD than any other studio recording. Includes extended solo's and conversing with the audience.


Click on any song title to sample music

Click on any song title to sample music

"Different Girl" the fun song about quitting a stupid 50's band that never had me turned up in the first place. This song is strong, freeing and positive.

"Boy" recorded from Famous Dave's in mpls while warming up AJ Croche. Hammond B3 by Mike Dripps. There's a lot of vocal strength and raw energy from this performance

"Danger" Live recording from Mars, Bloomington. Interesting keyboard work and extended groove time in this performance.

"Be With You" a great pop tune about love. A wonderful solo from Deevo on guitar and also an extended bass solo from Dan Breeze, giving the song lots of dynamics and building momentum

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