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Hello and welcome to the news page. It's been a while since I have written or kept this updated. My life has changed a lot in the past couple of years. I still do some gigs and write songs, but a lot of my energy is going into something else now. I am teaching music to little kids. I got my teaching license in 2010 and am employed by St Paul Public Schools. Having this job has made me eligible to move to a house in the woods. We now have one dog and 5 cats (all rescued animals). This website will be changing soon to accommodate my lifestyle change. I sometimes miss my performing schedule that I used to have, but I do not miss the moving of heavy equipment, hecklers, and drunk bar owners. I still have hecklers in my classroom but I am learning a lot about controlling outbursts. In a way, teaching music in a classroom is the same as performing and sharing the enjoyment of music with others. It's similar to a sing a long at a piano bar and the kids are so sweet. They just love music. I am enjoying my new life.

So, a friend asked me to play in her band. The position was for an instrument I'm not as familiar with, but I love the challenge. I secretly always wanted to be a drummer, and here was my chance. So, if you want to come and see me play drums with a fun blues band you can see our schedule on
the website:, and yes, her last name is

I'll keep this updated, and hopefully you will come back and see what's new.
thanks for keeping in touch.

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Updated 8/12/11