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Observare - 1998

1998 Observare (CD) The music is a collection of songs I have written over a 10 year span. It was recorded live at StarVu recording studios with Matt Fink. Each song has a very different musical flavor.


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Back cover of Observare Just My Eyes Grass Is Greener Brenda In The Burbs Tender Words Housecleaner Take Responsibility Get A Different Girl Up Around The Bend I Believed Down By The River Shades Of Green

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Songs on Observare:

“Shades of Green” the music talks about daily pressures and feeling like you  have little leverage in gaining control of your life. I felt envious of a single tree which represented a peaceful feeling. Trying to avoid another “tree song”, it was described as shades of green against the blue sky, a mirror of what I wanted in my life.

“Down by the River” deals with realizing a lover’s chemical addiction and uses the saying “Don’t push the river, let it flow by itself”.

“I Believed” a collaboration between myself and another lyricist, Kulla. Kulla’s lyrics bring out a lot of emotion. This song deals with your expectations crashing and is a heart wrenching story of a passionate love affair.

“Up Around the Bend” This song is about being tempted by someone who can offer you anything you want for a small fee. I was willing to pay a lot of money for something I really wanted. After cutting the check, the guy was nowhere to be found. This song portrays a lot of anger, frustration and a new belief in karma

"Different Girl" a story of when I used to play in a 50's band. You can sing so many "shoo bob doo wadda wadda's" before it starts frying your brain. So I quit that band and formed my own band.

"Take Responsibility" trying to think before you yell out of anger. You don't want something said that you'll regret later or even extend a fight.

"Housecleaner" I had a job cleaning houses, it freed up your mind for writing music. Based on a true story, I encountered a person who made the job even worse than it already is. Trying to suggest cleaning lingerie is not my idea of a quality job.

"Brenda in the Burbs" ever got lost in new construction of a suburb? The streets aren't marked, lots of dead ends and everyone's in a hurry behind you.

"Tender Words" this song is dedicated to all the lovers, which (if you are 95% of the population) you are probably involved in a dysfunctional relationship.

"Grass is Greener" A story of someone who's looking for love (or a life) overseas.

"Just My Eyes" written about a close friend who doesn't function in life the way I would like her to. While trying to understand her I realize that it's me that has to change how I look at things.

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